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Using the CA Directory dxsearch tool in a script

By Gregory Frisina posted Jun 20, 2014 10:27 AM


EEM utillizes the CA Directory dxearch executable as its cheif component for searching through LDAP whether internal or external. The below script can be used to verify if connectivity to LDAP is established and cuts EEM out of the equation on a Linux server.


getCurrentTimeInMili() {
  date +'%H 3600 * %M 60 * + %S + 1000 * %N 1000000 / + p' | dc


# do something
# start your script work here
dxsearch -h "ldap-server-name" -p 389 -b "dc=eiamldap,dc=com" -D "cn=user1,ou=searchtest,dc=ldap,dc=com" -w "*******" -z "none" -v "cn=*"
# your logic ends here


diffTime=$(( $endTime - $startTime ))
echo "Time took for previous dxsearch: $diffTime milliseconds"


The above script is owned by the CA Directory dsa account. This provides the end user ability to run the script after sudo and then running 'su - dsa' or equivalent Directory user id.

Used in conjuction with a network sniffer like wireshark you can determine where any delay may lie: authentication or object search.

For more information on using dxsearch, run 'dxsearch --help' as the dsa account.

This script can be put into a loop and have the output recorded to log file for later review.