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Service Desk Manager integration with other incident management tools

By Vishwanathan Rangaswamy posted 06-04-2019 04:09 AM

We have a requirement to integrate Service Desk Manager with BMC footprints. this is needed as one of our vendor uses that tool and needs the requests on their tool. right now we have integrated with the mail eater. But that is not efficient as it has latency issues.

Is there a way we could make use of SOAP Webservices as part of SDM? I know we could use webservices to update the incidents/requests. but how do we initiate a trigger to call webservice method to get the created/updated ticket info and write to a file or send to another service? any suggestions or guidances would be very much helpful.
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06-06-2019 01:58 AM

At least in my understanding, there is a ready to use integration module available.
Take a look at
This module provides a common data schema for incidents.
It provides ready to use interfaces to a set of 3rd party  service desk systems, including BMC.
You might be able to use this module together with Process Automation, which is more or less the only official current capability to do web-API outbound communication from within Clarity Service Manager (CSM ? former SDM)
Process Automation gets triggered by action macros attached to events attached to activity log creation.
There are other capabilities available, when looking for outbound HTTP communication without the need of Process Automation. Send me an email , if you are in the need to get further details on this. (
Hope this helps a bit