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CA Harvest SCM V14.0.2 - New Certifications - Windows 2022 and Windows 11

By Vijaya Kumar Dasari posted Aug 26, 2022 03:27 AM


CA Harvest SCM V14.0.2 is now certified with the following Windows releases


  1. Windows 2022(Harvest Server)
  2. Windows 11(Harvest Client, Agent, Harweb and plug-ins)


The latest compatibility matrix for V14.0.2 is available from here

The Release Notes of Harvest V14.0.2 can be referred to from here

Installation instructions are available from here



  1. CA Harvest SCM V14.0.2 Cumulative Patch (which was released in Jan 2022) needs to be used to install on Windows 2022 and Windows 11 O.S for the respective harvest components. Downloads are available from here
  2. CA Harvest SCM Cumulative Patch V14.0.2 requires CA Harvest SCM V14.0.0 as base release. If you are not already using CA Harvest SCM V14.0.0, please upgrade to that version prior to installing CA Harvest SCM V14.0.2 Cumulative Patch


For any further questions, please reach out to the below contacts…

Dasari Vijaya Kumar (Product Owner) - VijayaKumar.dasari@broadcom.com  
Balakrishna Shantamurthy (Engineering Contact)  -  Balakrishna.shantamurthy@broadcom.com