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Meet the CA Support Engineer for Client Automation: Joseph Wiegand

By Rachel_Macik posted Sep 03, 2015 10:56 AM


wiegand facebook.jpgJoseph Wiegand has been with CA Technologies since 2000, where he currently supports CA Client Automation. Though he has been with CA for 15 years, he has not been stuck there. Outside of work, Joseph loves to travel to exotic locations all around the world.


“I love wildlife adventures, and eventually want to travel to all seven continents.”


Joseph loves the daily challenge that working in a technology support role provides. His everyday duties change somewhat from day to day, but Joseph says the real change in support happened over time.


“Support has changed so vastly since I started at CA. We used to be looked at as only a cost to CA and not as an added value to our clients. Today, we are providing world-class support with a management team that strives to provide this world-class support so our customers are successful while using CA software.”


A huge part of this world-class support, Joseph says, is CA Communities. He says it is the perfect place to learn about new ways to use and troubleshoot any CA Technologies product. They also help the support team, as well as the customers, stay up to date on the latest product news and events.


Combining this huge resource, CA Communities, with others like Knowledge Articles, customers have unlimited access to help them overcome their issues with the products easily and efficiently.


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