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CA Harvest SCM Cumulative Patch v14.0.2 is now Generally Available

By Dheeraj Pershad posted Jan 18, 2022 06:55 AM


CA Harvest SCM Cumulative Patch v14.0.2 is now generally available !!


This CA Harvest SCM Cumulative Patch 14.0.2 addresses a bunch of vulnerability fixes identified by proactive scanning of the product. This patch also includes:

  1. Performance and synchronise improvements with the Harvest-GIT projects
  2. Support for RestAPI- harvest refactor operations which includes move item, rename item and remove item operations
  3. Added support
    1. Eclipse IDE - 4.21
    2. GIT version - 2.34
    3. Jenkins - 2.328
  1. Harvest CSV export vulnerability issue from workbench interface and Harvest plug-in for Eclipse
  2. Data direct odbc drivers (8.0.2) on non-windows platforms which addresses security issues
  3. Updated Third party components which address vulnerable risks
  4. Includes GIT Support for Multiple branches(14.0.1 onwards)
  5. Support for Rest API -Delete versions, Check out for Browse (14.0.1 onwards)


More details on the installation instructions and pre requisites can be found from the harvest docops pages


Important Note: CA Harvest SCM Cumulative patch v14.0.2 requires CA Harvest SCM v14.0.0 as base release. If you are not already using CA Harvest SCM v14.0.0, please upgrade to that version prior to installing CA Harvest SCM v14.0.2 Cumulative Patch

CA Harvest SCM Cumulative Patch v14.0.2 downloads are available from here


If you need further information, kindly contact:

CA Harvest SCM Product Team