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Rally Newsletter - November 2023

By Michael Lentini posted Dec 05, 2023 11:03 AM


November 2023

Welcome to the Rally® monthly newsletter.

Product updates, announcements, and resources.

Optimize Customer Value

Optimize Customer Value by Visualizing and Executing Your PI Plans

Join us for part one of this two-part webinar series with Scaled Agile and see how Rally integrates with piplanning.io to help you execute your PI Plans to help optimize customer value. Join us on December 7, and watch for part two coming soon!


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Product Roadmap

Rally Q4 Roadmap Session

Join the Rally Product Management team for the Q4 Rally Roadmap Session on December 12 to see the latest product developments and what is coming soon!


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ValueOps ConnectALL: Streamline, Collaborate, Innovate

In today's fiercely competitive business world, delivering value efficiently is a constant challenge. Success hinges on aligning value delivery with strategic goals. Join our episode to explore ValueOps ConnectALL, revolutionizing value delivery. Discover how ValueOps ConnectALL empowers organizations to excel!


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Features in Rally

6 Features of Rally On-Demand

Want to see how you can get more out of your Rally implementation? See how you can leverage powerful features, such as Work Rules, Capacity Planning and Forecasting, OKRs, Flow Metrics, and more!


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Rally Office Hours

Rally Office Hours - 2024

Have you been loving Rally Office Hours? Don’t miss out on the best place to ask your Rally-related questions and get answers and useful tips from the Rally experts in 2024. Add the 2024 meeting to your calendar to ensure you can join when you have questions! We will continue to be available EVERY Thursday from 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST!


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More Rally Resources

Additional resources

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