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Rally Office Hours Recap - October 20, 2022

By Michael Lentini posted Nov 01, 2022 02:37 PM


Rally Office Hours October 20, 2022 Recap

As a follow-up from our October 20, Rally Office Hours session, we’d like to share some highlights in addition to the questions that were asked, along with their respective answers. 

Thank you to all who joined us live. We appreciate your feedback and participation in the last session and are looking forward to our next one. If you were not able to attend, there is always an opportunity to ask questions here on the Rally Community discussion board and we'll do our best to answer. 

Join us every Thursday, at 12 PM ET (register for upcoming sessions). We look forward to connecting with you!

October 20, Session Recap

Q: Why does the TEAM BOARD not default to the current iteration ?

A: You can add a filter to the team board and filter by 'Iteration' and then select the iteration you'd like. You can save a view to make it your default (go-to) filter. Rally prefers not to assume that all customers will want this as their default filter, which is why this isn't a Rally default, but (as said) you can make it yours.

Q: How to move test cases from one project to another or one folder to another. If I have 3 folders - I have 20 test cases in total and first folder I have 3 test cases, executed 3 and 1 test case is failed and I would like to add these test cases in the round in different folder

A: You can bulk edit test cases and reassign them either to a Test Folder or to a Project. To do that, you can use either Work Views page or the Quality Management page. In either page, you can select your test cases, then click Edit and select the field you'd like to edit.  On the call, customer explained he'll want to reassign test cases to further collections meant for regression testing. For that our recommendation is to use Test Sets, not Test Folders. A test case can belong to only 1 test folder, which is intended for a directory purpose. However, a test case can be assigned to multiple test sets, these test sets can run and record results for the exact purpose of regression testing. 

Q: I have a question on Blocked Reason

A: Customer clarified the question. The question is why Blocked Reason isn't mandatory and whether Work Rules can be used to make it a Required field. Blocked Reason can not be mandatory because it can only apply to a situation where the item is blocked. It does make sense to allow this as a work rule, however, work rules today only respond to Schedule State (or State field for portfolio items) changes. It will be an enhancement request to allow a work rule to include Blocked as a triggering field or filter of the rule.

Q: is there any way for the Subscription Admin have visibility to all the feedback that members of their tenant have sent - i.e the admin be copied on the feedbak as well as the Broadcom Support Team.... even if this was optional opt in

A: This is currently not available and will require an enhancement request. Be aware though that Broadcom offers a Sub-Admin community where communications to sub-admins is taking place, however Rally does not (at this time) shares the priority of all its feedback.

Q: I have submitted feedback as well as  Broadcom support ticket for this issue.  As subscription admin, my users are requesting email notifications. 1) Notification Rules do not support portfolio items, 2) Ability to send an email to the project team rather than sending individual emails via watches and/or @mentions, 3) Rally integration with chat tools such as MS Teams. With the decommission of Flowdock, Rally Users are missing emails

A: 1. This is an enhancement request as it's currently unavailable. Product Management did confirm they are planning to implement this, however no date has been given for this yet.

  1. That's another enhancement request. One thing you can do is create a distribution list and use that as an email address of a new Rally user which will represent your team. However, we understand this workaround can not scale because you will not want to pay for too many seats only for a communication option for your teams. You may consider this tho if you have many seats to spare and if this requirement is by only one/few teams.
  2. On our radar is a new integration suite, however, product management is not providing details as of yet. This is a known issue and Rally is working on a solution.

Q: We see lot of Defect-centric Metrics and Data Integrity reports around Defects , which is really good, it woudl be good to have similar Metrics , Reports (outside of Views) for Test Cases - both Repository wise and Execution status - . I dont see many apps around Test cases - Are there Rally Apps/Standard Reports that can be leveraged ?

A: There are many test case apps available in our Rally Community as well as Rally Tech Service github sites. One specific app that we shared with the customer and seems to be applicable for their need is: https://github.com/RallyTechServices/test-case-apps

Q: In Team Board, the UI will show age of cards in a flow state; but is there a way to expose that so we can help triage potential hidden wait times by the individual flow states?

A: You can use both the Flow Metrics and Charts tabs on the Team Board to select, filter and learn more on the time your work items are in given specific states, plus you can learn more about 'value add' vs 'non value add' spent time which means whether the item is idle at these states. We demonstrated this to the customer.

Q: How to delete the unwanted project

A: Projects can only be closed, they can not be deleted. A project admin as well as a workspace or a subscription admin, is able to close the project. Once closed the project and its contents (work items) will automatically not be accessible. However, this does give you the opportunity to reopen the project for any reason at any time and regain the access to its contents.

Q: I just had a request from user regarding Work Rules. If all user stories associated with the feature are accepted, systematically change the Feature state to Done. Currently, portfolio state is a manual process

A: This is an enhancement request. As you say, currently this is not how it works. It is unclear whether a feature indeed should be considered 'done' if all its user stories are accepted. Some teams may still want to review the feature, perhaps look more carefully into its dependencies before announcing it 'done'. 

Q: Where I can find the Test Set in Rally?

A: Test Sets can be found either in the Iteration Status page or in the Plan -> Work Views page.  In both pages: click Add New , then select Test Set from the Work Item Types drop down. You can use the Work Views page also to filter on your test sets.