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Rally Office Hours Recap - September 29, 2022

By Michael Lentini posted Oct 03, 2022 09:54 AM


Rally Office Hours September 29, 2022 Recap

As a follow-up from our September 29, Rally Office Hours session, we’d like to share some highlights in addition to the questions that were asked, along with their respective answers. 

Learning Corner: Configure Work Rules for Admins

Thank you to all who joined us live. We appreciate your feedback and participation in the last session and are looking forward to our next one. If you were not able to attend, there is always an opportunity to ask questions here on the Rally Community discussion board and we'll do our best to answer. 

Join us every Thursday, at 12 PM ET (register for upcoming sessions). We look forward to connecting with you!

September 29, Session Recap

Q: How can we upload test cases from excel to Rally do we have any templete ?

A: You have two main ways to achieve this: (1) if you go to Quality -> Test Cases and click import then you can download our template, you can use it to upload your test cases (2) What many do is use the Excel add-in to export the fields you need, then use that as a template to upload/import test cases back into Rally.

Q: I know different organisations will have customized version of templates - is there any Rally recommended Quality  Dashboard Template that can be shared?

A: Dashboards are very specific to customers, teams and even individuals and as such we aren't providing dashboard templates. This should be an enhancement request. Please follow this process to submit it. We 

Q: is there any chance that there will be a Team board developed for Portfolio Items?

A: Product Management confirmed we are going to look into this feature in the next PI that is starting in Nov 2022. This feature has not yet been well defined and is not yet committed to our next PI, but it is a candidate.

Q: I woud like some help with the Web Link field please

A: Here is the documentation about the WebLink field:

Q: We are in the Central time zone and I have found that the Throughput report includes work items as Accepted prior to 1 am on the next day.  This indicates to me that the Throughput is based on the Mountain Timezone, because it includes the hour after midnight central time.

A: This is a defect. The collection service does run at midnight in the timezone of your workspace, which you had said is Central. Sometimes there are glitches in this collection and Support can re-run it for you. Please open up a support case and they'll work it for you.

Q: We've recently transitioned from a Kanban Board to a Team Board in Rally. Two of the 'quirks' we've noticed is the card colors (which is not as prominate) and WIP Limits (banner has been removed).  Any thoughts on making these items more prominate in the Team Board?

A: These are very good enhancement requests. Please follow this process to submit then.

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