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Rally Office Hours Recap - August 4, 2022

By Michael Lentini posted Aug 10, 2022 01:00 PM


Rally Office Hours August 4, 2022 Recap

As a follow-up from our August 4, Rally Office Hours session, we’d like to share some highlights in addition to the questions that were asked, along with their respective answers. 

This week we wanted to provide a Product Update, highlighting Hackathon Week here at Rally, depreciation of Risk Comments, and OKR Open Beta coming soon! Check out the recording here

Thank you to all who joined us live. We appreciate your feedback and participation in the last session and are looking forward to our next one. If you were not able to attend, there is always an opportunity to ask questions here on the Rally Community discussion board and we'll do our best to answer. 

Join us every Thursday, at 12 PM ET (register for upcoming sessions). We look forward to connecting with you!

August 4, Session Recap

Q: Has there been any planning toward the export of Cycle Time data from Team Board?

A: This is more of an RFE, we are considering an Export functionality but are still modeling it to know what specifically to export and in what format. 

Q: Regarding Release planning - Can we have the Planned Start Date and End date automatically set to the PI dates - So it shows up on the Timeline?

A: This is an RFE. However, if you will use Capacity Planning and Plan Progression then the dates will have the effect, BUT ... it will not give you the timeline calendar visual as you're asking for. 

Q: We need or would like to have Milestones assigned to Risks.

A: Milestones technically aren't work items (like features, story, defect) and therefor can not be associated with the Risk object. This is an RFE.

Q: We have several asks to be abale to trace the ancestory of work items. We have a 4 layer Portfolio layer.. e.g We cannot directly align what Strategic Objectives align to the Features we planned in a PI

A: This app may help, but it is an app that comes as-is. If in need of additional functionality then it'll have to be an enhancement request.

Q: How can we identify where Tags are used (Work Items), Tasks, etc.    We get requests to delete/archive  tags and when we go to delete Tags we can see some are still in use but we can not find the data where there are, so we are reluctant to delete them.

A: A workspace admin can manage tags as part of the workspace settings. They can archive tags or permanently delete them. To permanently delete the tag should have no references from work items, which will include items in the recycle bin and closed projects. Archiving the tags will take them out of the available list so they will be unavailable for future use. Archiving may be a good enough solution, but if you need to permanently delete the tags and locate the references then we shall contact you and work with you, we'll need to scripts to find out the closed projects and recycle bin references so that you can clean those first and then permanently delete the tags.

Q: We have more teams starting to use Capacity Planning Page.  Can you do a brief review of it?  I have a real or perceive concern about negatively affecting a portfolio item's rank when drafting and publishing a capacity plan.

A: The overall ranking of portfolio items is unrelated to the capacity plans and is not affected. The capacity plan allows to order items as part of drafting and trying out what-if scenarios, but that is not instead of their actual overall rank.

Q: Doesn't Timeline allow you to drag the planned start and planned end date--if they want to just avoid typing in the detail view?

A: Timeline does allow you to change, but if the dates are not populated at all (which is the scenario he's describing) they don't show on the Timeline b/c it doesn't know 'when' to plot them.  My recommendation would be to go to Portfolio Items after each Release Planning exercise, filter on items with the Release(s) you just planned that are missing either Planned Start or Planned End Date, and bulk update them

Q: Does Last Login Data and Last Password Update Date get values get updated after going to SSO with exception

A: Yes, Last Login Date should be updated for all users also those coming in through SSO. Last Password Update however, should not update cause the Rally password will not be updated when using SSO. An Admin can go to the Users page and include the Last Login Date on the grid to confirm this is working properly.

Q: Should SSO work with the Rally Academy? I've had it work, (I think) but most of the time it does not. Needs Broadcom login?

A: We recommended the customer to log out, then log back in, it may be a timeout issue. If not helping we recommended reporting it to Support.

Q: Plan progression can't load Portfolio items

A: Customer mentioned all their capacity plans were published and yet they can't see any feature in Plan Progression page. We worked with the customer and we found that his Plan Progression had features that either did not belong with the teams that were part of the plan OR were not part of the release of the plan.  Plan Progression requires that all features that belong with Capacity Plan A will belong with the teams and release of that plan.