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Rally Office Hours Recap - July 14, 2022

By Michael Lentini posted Jul 28, 2022 03:21 PM


Rally Office Hours July 14, 2022 Recap

As a follow-up from our July 14, Rally Office Hours session, we’d like to share some highlights in addition to the questions that were asked, along with their respective answers. 

Thank you to all who joined us live. We appreciate your feedback and participation in the last session and are looking forward to our next one. If you were not able to attend, there is always an opportunity to ask questions here on the Rally Community discussion board and we'll do our best to answer. 

Join us every Thursday, at 12 PM ET (register for upcoming sessions). We look forward to connecting with you!

July 14, Session Recap

Q: I would like some clarification on the note that is written in the help page for Team Board - View Charts https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/agile-development-and-management/rally-platform-ca-agile-central/rally/using/use-flow-based-boards-kanban/flow-based-tracking/view-charts.html - 

It mentions different experiences in different locations.....that would be challenging for Org in different locations - Please can you explain -  We have tested this in our Org in both Europe and US and the experience is the same - that is what we would hope 

A: We can address this on the call, but I think the short answer is that your teams will have the same experience. We can clarify the language in the help docs (and I'm taking a note for that team), but I believe the difference comes from where your Rally subscription is hosted. We have a US stack, an EU stack, and now a FedRAMP stack. Many customers are in the US stack (if your Rally URL starts with rally1.rallydev.com, you're in the US stack). We're continuing to bring new analytics services to EU and FedRAMP, but there is a slightly different experience for those customers at the moment.

Q: Is there a means to "mine" data to discover who published a Capacity Plan?

A: We have an Unpublished API that we can't share with customers, but yes, we can use it to get that information.

Q: Any plans to have the ability to add/delete fields from Timeline page? Also, can add an App for Timeline?

A: This is an RFE, please submit this feedback via the megaphone in Rally. 

Q: Colleague cannot properly use the feedback megaphone.  

A: Please check the browser's pop-up blocker, try another browser (Chrome, FireFox). If all fails - open a support case.

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