Automic Continuous Delivery Automation

Continuous Delivery as Code 1.2 Released

By Michael Dolinek posted 11-03-2020 10:54 AM

The journey continues! We are glad to announce a new release of our Continuous Delivery as Code (CD Code) solution.

CD Code v1.2 comes with the following new features:
  • Several flags were added to define which parts of your application will be included in the exported code. e.g. if you do not need the definition of Deployment Packages or Artifacts in the output CD Code, you can skip this step. This helps you saving time when executing the code and when creating or updating your Application with CD Code.
  • Now more attributes of the application workflows can be specified. This allows you to transfer your customization of the application workflows between instances of CD Code.
  • The list of supported Custom Properties' and Dynamic Properties' types has been enhanced.
  • Finally User and User Groups are now supported by CD Code. That means, you can now manage CDA's permissions for users and groups from the source code.

You can download CD as Code 1.2 here:

Please keep in mind that these new features are only available when you are using CDA 12.3.4 or higher

2020-12-09 download links updated