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Webinar - Test Data in Agile Requirements Designer

By Ruth Kusterer posted 06-06-2019 11:42 AM


Quality test data is an important part of the overall test design, and it is crucial to producing realistic results. But creating test data requires much manual intervention today and a source of acute pain for many development teams in-sprint, who simply want to test for code the moment it’s created. This is why development teams turn to Agile Requirements Design (ARD) today.

By managing test data inside ARD’s model-based test designs, development teams can identify the right data needs and have this matched to each test case early into their Agile development cycle. By integrating test data generation as part of their requirements design, applications are developed to actual requirements, and function to the right set of user experiences,

Join ARD expert Alyson Henry as we discuss how to integrate different types of test data within ARD, to get the most out of your model-based testing and reduce your costly manual efforts:

You'll learn:

  • How to Overlay Data Combinations, Dependencies & Business Rules to ARD Models
  • Where to Populate Test Data Inside a Flow
  • How each Test Case Reacts to Rich Data Sets
  • Techniques for Modeling Applications with Different Data Needs

Live online: Jun 27 3:00 pm UTC

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