Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization v10.5 is now GA!

By Koustubh Warty posted 05-17-2019 05:44 PM


Proud to announce that Service Virtualization - SV 10.5 is now GA! Super excited to announce 'The Most Developer Friendly release of Service Virtualization Ever' to enable Developers to use Service Virtualization earlier in the SDLC (Shift-Left anyone?) and as a part of their CI/CD pipeline.


As a part of this release, we are providing you with blogs on the exciting new features of SV 10.5. Click on each feature to read the blog posts on those features.


- Eclipse Plugin

- Enhanced APIs

- Jenkins Plugin

- Kubernetes Support for Docker containers



Other frequently requested features include:

- Autologin (Portal & Enterprise Dashboard)

- Support for SWIFT 2018

- Support for PostgreSQL

- Reporting Enhancements


Be sure to attend the webinar on What's New in SV 10.5 on May 28. See details below.

What's New with Service Virtualization 10.5?


'The Most Developer Friendly release of Service Virtualization Ever'  is now available for download!




06-20-2019 04:24 PM

Webinar link broken. Also Communities links need to be changed to .com

06-09-2019 07:27 PM

Thanks for GA and this looks most promising release as most of key features integrated will help to achieve CI/CD with the help of SV.