DX Application Performance Management

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Streamline Migration and Application Onboarding in DX APM with EasySeries

By Jennifer Liharik posted Oct 11, 2021 02:01 PM


To realize the full potential of APM, many customers are migrating from APM 10.7 clusters to DX APM. In addition, they continue to onboard new applications for monitoring. These efforts require a series of steps, including the configuration of experience views, universes, and DX Operational Intelligence services. Depending on your specific migration or onboarding needs, there may be more items to address, such as management modules, alerts, notification channels, domains, and policies.

These steps can be time-consuming and labor intensive, and they can have an adverse impact on the customer experience. With EasySeries utilities for Broadcom’s next-generation DX APM, you can speed migration, new application onboarding, and configuration replication.

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