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Introducing CA App Experience Analytics

By DerekStevens2 posted Jul 13, 2016 10:26 AM


We’re excited to announce the release of CA App Experience Analytics (formerly CA Mobile App Analytics). With CA App Experience Analytics, you gain proactive, real-time insights into user behavior, buyer trends and omnichannel performance for complete visibility into digital performance and customer experience across web, mobile, and wearable devices.


CA App Experience Analytics goes beyond mobile monitoring to include web user experience metrics and is built on an open flexible analytics platform. The solution provides end-to-end visibility into your digital apps from user experience and business transactions that originate on the web, mobile or wearable device and fulfilled by backend systems. This mobile-to-mainframe visibility is made possible by an integration between CA App Experience Analytics and CA Application Performance Management (CA APM). It ensures continuous visibility of transactions so you can find out why and where issues are occurring and take action.


Join the 2-part webinar and live demo series on using analytics to deliver flawless digital experiences to learn more.


CA App Experience Analytics Features:


CA App Experience Analytics provides the insights your teams need to understand performance, user experience, usage metrics, user activity, user retention, code-level visibility, and activity logs to help them fix issues and improve the next version of the app, thereby delivering a better user digital experience. CA App Experience Analytics, provides:


Usage and User Experience Analytics

Data Studio: Customizable Role-based Analytics

Mobile Crash Analytics

Omnichannel Performance Analytics

Analytics Engine


Usage and User Experience Analytics

CA App Experience Analytics captures usage and user experience metrics to help increase top-line revenue and allowing teams to:

  • Gain visibility into performance of key business services
  • Identify popular business flows in the app and user journey across web, mobile and wearables
  • Gain insight into user engagement, activity, and retention
  • Use geo-spatial heatmaps to view performance, problems, and usage data down to city-level
  • View screen usage heatmaps to quickly identify popular mobile app screens 
  • Segment and analyze mobile usage data by app version, carrier/WiFi, location, platform, OS
  • Access actionable analytics to help make better OpEx and CapEx decisions
  • Tag a business event (e.g. Gold Customer, shopping cart size & items) and look at impact on the top line



Image 1: App Flow reveals how users are navigating through the app including drop off rates per screen and crashes. 


Data Studio: Customizable Role-based Analytics

CA App Experience Analytics allows Business Analysts, IT Operations and Developers to quickly understand complex sets of data through powerful customizable dashboards.


With CA App Experience Analytics your teams can:

  • View user experience and performance data from web, mobile and wearables with easy intuitive dashboards
  • Quickly get started with Blueprints, or out-of-the-box templates that are easily customizable to fit any business need
  • Understand your entire digital user experience with dynamic contextual dashboards that show usage, buyer journey, experience and performance




Image 2: Data Studio provides customizable role-based reports


Mobile Crash Analytics

CA App Experience Analytics captures mobile analytics, mobile app crashes and offers code-level visibility into root cause with details into:

  • Screen capture issues for faster resolution
  • See what the end-user experienced through video session playback
  • Gain code-level visibility into issues with symbolic stack traces and detailed activity logs
  • Prioritize issues by assessing impact on user experience and revenue
  • Analyze errors and network behavior to identify issues in code or back-end servers
  • Capture URL and device usage metrics: CPU, memory, frame rate
  • Tag a user to understand how the app performed for that specific user (crash, latency)
  • App flows for mobile and web
  • Mobile screen heatmaps
  • Video replay of mobile sessions



Image 3: Session View allows you to see how a user interacted with your app, including a video session playback of the interaction as well as event triggers and app crashes.


Omnichannel Performance Analytics

Captures performance metrics that help address issues before they negatively impact users.  With Performance Analytics your teams can:

  • Get real-time alerts on threshold violations impacting SLAs, user experience, or revenue
  • Segment app performance by version, geo, URL, browser, mobile carrier, OS, device
  • View network performance analytics and receive end-point error reporting and alerting
  • Prioritize alerts
  • Gain visibility into backend services affecting the app performance
  • Isolate and rule out domain, network, data center issues
  • Identify app hotspots: usage, performance, coverage, issues
  • Quickly resolve web site bottlenecks with details into the web browser performance
  • Improve the customer experience with optics into the transactions from the web browser to the back end systems.
  • Easily view the customer experience across web, mobile and wearables




Image 4: The overview screen provides you with quick insight into app performance, problematic apps, crashes, and usage.


Analytics Engine

CA App Experience Analytics is built on an open flexible analytics platform to increase insights across user experience, operational performance and business metrics.

  • Delivers “data-driven applications” based on vast data sources combined with data science and domain expertise. 
  • Find the answers needed to solve customer and performance issues with the use of a powerful elastic search analytics platform.


And that’s not all! We’ve added a number of other new features to improve your experience and the benefit you gain from using CA App Experience Analytics. Join the upcoming 2-part webinar series featuring a CA App Experience Analytics Live Demo to learn more and visit the link below to sign up for the free trial!


Getting Started


There are two convenient ways to get started with CA App Experience Analytics.


Developers: The SDK-based CA App Experience Analytics Free Trial generates real-world customer data and provides you with the insights that are essential for delivering an exceptional user experience. The free trial takes five steps and less than five minutes to implement.


Operations, App Owners and Business Analysts: The CA App Experience Analytics Test Drive allows you to explore a CA App Experience Analytics environment, complete with all the app performance, crash and usage analytics you’d realize from a real-world installation without downloading any software.


Release Notes


You can find more details on CA App Experience Analytics 16.2 in the release notes.