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Webinar - Continuous Delivery Director Roadmap Discussion

By Collin Chau posted Aug 10, 2020 11:00 AM


With 4 out of 5 IT decision makers citing challenges getting visibility across the development cycle, with no clear understanding of who is doing what in each release, how do you solve for something you can’t see? How well you orchestrate for efficiency and transparency across your CI/CD pipeline determines your Development team’s ability to release quality applications with confidence.

We just had a great, interactive session with our product management team as we discussed and answered your questions about addressing the challenges in your Jenkins CI pipeline for continuous delivery. We got an exclusive look at what’s new with Continuous Delivery Director, for upcoming product and feature releases - including product enhancements that will help you streamline for intelligent test orchestration across the CI/CD pipeline.

Could not make it? Don't worry - just click here for your recording.

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