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Important announcement regarding recent changes to our TEWS mechanism for "Forgotten Password" type use cases

By Itamar Budin posted 04-09-2020 10:39 AM


Hi All

We wanted to inform you about a change in the Identity Manager Task Execution Web Service (TEWS) was introduced in 14.2 CP4 and 14.3 CP1 that can affect deployment’s TEWS client code.

The change introduced new soapenv:Fault element that is now returned on failed tasks. Certain client code may not properly handle this new element.

The new element is named tews:msgKey and can be used by clients to rely on an ImsException string by its resource identifier as opposed to its literal string value.

This can be of value to customers that change the default product resource strings found in the IM EAR’s custom/resources folder and do not want to rely on literal string compares for proper identification of the underlying failure.

The value of the tews:msgKey element must match a resource string value found in the file. 

This change may require TEWS clients to regenerate the TEWS WSDL and update their client code to properly handle the updated soapenv:Fault response.

 An example of the change is shown in the sample TEWS response below: 

         <faultstring>Unknown processing error.</faultstring>
            <tews:ImsException version="6.0">
                  <tews:description>Unable to copy object, object could not be found. key: Subject.0.UniqueName value: jhs200324.</tews:description>

Thanks in advance

Itamar Budin
Product Management Lead - Symantec IGA | Symantec Software Division
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