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Continuous Delivery Director 6.5 Now Available

By Christine.Bentsen posted Aug 19, 2017 06:32 AM


Today, we are pleased to announce that CA Continuous Delivery Director 6.5 is now available. We are also pleased to announce that a SaaS version of CA Continuous Delivery Director is now available for free trial. The SaaS edition contains all the new features and capabilities that exist in the on-prem version. To start your trial go to:


Release Theme: Improve Release Cycle Efficiencies and Support/Enhance Cloud Transformation 


New features for CA Continuous Delivery Director 6.5 include:


Pipeline as code

Create, manage, and reuse complex, multi-app pipelines “as code” to streamline continuous delivery processes as an extension of your application code base. Improve versioning, team productivity, and feedback loops by “going faster” and extending CI solutions to a complete end-to-end process by automatically kicking off a release (new or existing) after completion of a build or committing a change.




New Integrations

New integrations now available include:


  • Slack integration to improve team communication and collaboration
  • FlowDock – for team collaboration – notify teams on release progress, status, errors, etc.
  • Kubernetes - plugin for Docker orchestration.
  • Twistlock – container security for Docker and Kubernetes
  • Artifactory – artifact management – automate release execution upon placement of new artifacts in the Artifactory repository
  • Veracode – security and vulnerability scanning – run dynamic scans to detect security vulnerabilities on changes
  • AWS Support – deploy using AWS CodeDeploy and AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • BlazeMeter - Run cloud-based performance tests
  • Sauce Labs - Run cloud-based UI tests (SaaS only)
  • App Experience Analytics- monitor applications to identify release impact


UX Improvements

Customer feedback and UX research has been incorporated into this release in the following forms:


UX improvements include more intuitive task and phase creation and views.

  • Redesigned, more intuitive task and phase creation and views including icons indicating which plugin (if any) is in use for the task. 
  • Streamlined, more intuitive plugin framework


MS SQL Support

CA Continuous Delivery Director (on prem) now offers support for MS SQL as the underlying database.