DX Application Performance Management

OpenTracing Support with DX APM

By Ashley George posted 07-30-2020 04:36 PM


DX APM now offers support for OpenTracing through the universal monitoring agent. Get all the details by reading our latest blog from Srikant Noorani. 

With organizations embracing microservices and cloud, applications have become ever more complex and harder to track. As the number of touch points and moving parts have exponentially increased, simple logging and following basic performance metrics is not good enough to understand performance issues associated with certain users or transactions. Metrics and logs are good at instance level, but they lack transactional context. Tracing transactional information has become even more important in the digital economy where end user experience drives everything.

Introducing OpenTracing

Over the last few years OpenTracing has gained a lot of attention and popularity especially with modern world companies like Uber, Twitter, Google, etc. trying innovative ways to track high volume transactions. Their contribution to the OpenSource community in the form of Jaeger from Uber and others like Zipkin from Twitter and the Dapper white paper from Google has driven the adoption of OpenTracing. 

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