DX Application Performance Management

Introducing DX App Synthetic Monitor 10.3

By Ashley George posted 12-13-2019 04:25 PM


In an effort to continue improving the performance and usability of our solutions, we are proud to announce the release of DX App Synthetic Monitor 10.3. This release continues to build upon the features of version 10 to improve your ability to monitor your sites and applications. 

The primary new enhancements in this release include: 

New: Webdriver Agent 

Webdriver Agent is a command-line tool used to execute Selenese XML scripts on a desktop PC using a locally installed web browser. WebDriver agent allows you to test and fine-tune your scripts before uploading them to DX App Synthetic Monitor. By using Webdriver agent, you can be sure that your scripts are performing as anticipated prior to uploading them. 

New: Persistent Maintenance Windows 

This new feature allows for any ASM user to see affected monitors even if they do not have edit rights to that specific monitor. With this new feature, any user will be able to update the maintenance windows without changing the configuration. 

Real Browser Monitor support for Internet Explorer

In addition to support for Chrome and Firefox, Real Browser Monitors now also support Internet Explorer for On-Premise stations. 

Real Browser Monitoring Enhancements 

  • Support for local variables and script parameters - you can now leverage the same script to execute multiple scenarios with the ability to select and change certain parameters (i.e. date). Or if there is an issue, script parameters allows you to quickly fix the problem without having to rewrite the entire script.
  • Video playback download - you can now download the video session playback for RBM scripts   

Additional UI Improvements

  • Performance chart now has an improved user experience and displays detail down to the last hour
  • New monitor search allows you to search by hostname (supports regular expressions) 
  • OPMS can now run monitors more than 120 seconds (RBM, Jmeter)
  • OPMS installer now includes more sanity checks, docker download during installation

To learn more about the improvements and new features in this release, please view the release documentation