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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Nov. 2023)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Nov 28, 2023 03:06 PM


Clarity Modern Alignment: Using Metrics to Drive Desired Outcomes (Webcast)
True transformation can only be achieved when an organization's goals, regardless of how they are established, are aligned between what they fund, what they prioritize, and what they deliver.  In this session, we will review how ValueOps is the only solution that can bridge the gap using relational metrics and automation.

What's New in Clarity 16.2? (Webcast)
The hierarchies in top-down planning are evolving with several new features to make your job easier. To help optimize efficiency, we also added enhancements to plans on workforce. Join us to learn more about what’s in the next Clarity release.

Clarity Wins Award (Yeah!)
We are very pleased to announce that Clarity was named a Tech Leader for Project Portfolio Management in PeerSpot’s 2023 Best B2B Enterprise Technology awards. The PeerSpot Awards is an annual ranking of the top enterprise IT products based on user reviews.

Configuration vs Customization (Blog)
Today it's important to address the increasingly distinct end user needs, which brings us to a crucial crossroads: should one opt for customization or configuration when implementing software solutions?

Building Recipes for Success (Webcast)
Aligning portfolios to org strategy through OKRs. It's crucial to ensure that resource and project portfolios are in line with your organization's strategic goals. In just one hour, you'll gain practical tips and knowledge to help you ensure value delivery in your organization.