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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Oct. 2023)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Nov 09, 2023 02:11 PM


Clarity Workforce Modeling (Webcast)
Workforce modeling in Clarity by Broadcom lets you allocate teams based on skill sets, availability and investment requirements to optimize scarce resources. By analyzing historical data and considering investment timelines, Clarity helps you balance workloads, prevent overutilization, and identify skill gaps.

Clarity Modern Alignment: Using Metrics to Drive Desired Outcomes (Webcast)
True transformation can only be achieved when an organization's goals, regardless of how they are established, are aligned between what they fund, what they prioritize, and what they deliver.  In this session, we will review how ValueOps is the only solution that can bridge the gap using relational metrics and automation.

Unlocking Success Through 1% Improvement With ValueOps (Blog)
The British Cycling Team's transformation from mediocrity to Olympic dominance is a testament to the power of embracing marginal gains.

KPIs and OKRs: Employing Both To Get To The Next Level (Blog)
How key-performance indicators (KPI) and objectives-and-key results (OKR) can coexist, driving meaningful digital transformations. By strategically adopting KPIs and OKRs, your teams can chart a course toward your desired goals.

Optimize The Flow of Value With ValueOps ConnectALL 
With businesses constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency, maximize value, and remain ahead of the competition, aligning value flows with strategic objectives has become increasingly challenging. Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore how ValueOps ConnectALL can help organizations optimize the flow of value across their entire value chain, from PPM and Agile Planning to Monitoring and Incident Management.