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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Jan. 2023)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Jan 30, 2023 04:22 PM

Revive the ePMO with Collaborative Work Management (Feb. 16 Webcast)
As the ePMO struggles to get a handle on the Digital Transformation, the first step is to unite the enterprise, so it can operate like a team. Clarity’s Collaborative Work Management features let you set up checklists and calendars that can be shared with teams both inside and outside the firm. Join us and learn more!

Business Transformation with Clarity (Webcast)

Hindrance or help? Due to its mission-critical role, the project management office (PMO) is often walled off, restricting access to business teams with great ideas for new and improved products and value streams. As a result, big initiatives begin to circumvent the PMO, leaving it outside the decision-making process. But there’s a solution. In this webinar, we’ll explore how Clarity and Design Thinking – a modern problem-solving approach to improving products – helped other companies breathe new life into their enterprise investments. Join us to see how Broadcom can help with your digital transformation.

Journey to SPM: Customer Panel (Webcast)
Let’s go on a journey! From strategy and money to people and work, this customer panel discussion on portfolio management guides you through the annual planning wilderness. Come hear how Clarity unites the enterprise - from demand to delivery - with roadmaps and financials, staffing and collaborative work capabilities. Join and listen to Erie Insurance & Shared Services of Canada.

Get Clarity: Money (Video)
See how you can organize budgets in hierarchies and roll up costs and benefits with a click. Customize investment types and fiscal periods for your business needs. Even connect your favorite BI software.

VSM Supports Successful Digital Transformations (Harvard Business Review)
Check out the newly-released HBR report about how VSM supports successful digital transformations, Including powerful insights from Boeing and Verizon regarding how VSM helped them save hundreds of millions of dollars!