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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Nov. 2022)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Dec 01, 2022 02:06 PM

Clarity MUX Admin - Just the Fun Stuff! (Webcast Dec. 15)
Clarity has not forgotten about the admin. Instead, we have added so many new and exciting features that the job is now easier, quicker and even more fun. Check out the enhancements in blueprints, business rules, channels, field level security and creating widgets!

What's New in 16.1.0? (Webcast)
Clarity releases just keep on rolling out so you can streamline how you work, improve productivity and always maintain one source of truth. The team continues to improve all aspects of Clarity including managing financial voucher transactions in the modern user experience and the ability to quickly copy a project.

Connecting Clarity & Rally (Video)
Broadcom's leading ValueOps solution combines the investment planning features from Clarity and the Agile management capabilities of Rally Software on a single platform. As a result, you get better visibility and alignment across the entire enterprise. See how it works in this fun animation.

Get Clarity: Investment Hierarchies (Video)
Check out the latest enhancements to Clarity's Hierarchies. You now can roll up financial information across the entire organization to get a clear view of the ROI by consolidating costs and benefits in parent collections or program groups.

Q&A: Clarity Remedies Inefficiencies for Hospitals (Blog)
Few industries are as complex as healthcare. Projects may span multiple years, involve numerous partners and regulators, and require multiple teams working across several countries to complete, posing many significant challenges. We spoke to representatives of some healthcare companies to understand how they go about addressing them.