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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Jul. 2022)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Aug 10, 2022 03:28 PM

regoUniversityTraining Event (Live Event Sept 11 - 14)
Registration is open! Join us in person for Clarity and Agile training. By attending the event you’ll have access to the same consultants who have helped to guide over 650 organizations in PPM and Agile, including 60% of Fortune 100companies and 70% of Fortune 20 companies.

Enterprise Staffing Advancements (Webcast)
Journey with us on a deep dive into the many exciting updates to the Staffing Workspace in Clarity, which now supports the end-to-end Resource Planning use cases. We will also cover managing people and roles using the Resources workspace, as well as Investment Object enhancements, which bring increased visibility into staff-related data and metrics.

What's New in 16.0.3? (Live Webcast Aug 25)
Another great release filled with enhancements is on the way. The ability to copy a roadmap, add checklists to agreements and additional capabilities to Smartlist layouts are in the works. Join us to learn more about this release.

Get Clarity: Collaborative Work Management (Video)
Most teams just want to get work done, without the hassle of setting up big plans. Clarity by Broadcom Software offers a solution: A set of Collaborative Work Management features that allow both business and IT users to create, share and automate to-do checklists with a few clicks. And unlike other software, Clarity allows you to connect these basic business tasks to strategic plans, giving executives better insight for decision making and teams more time for innovation.

Linda's Corner: Modern Portlets (TV Show)
Linda shows Andy how you now in Clarity’s modern UX can create multiple portlets on a page to view data from a range of sources.