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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Jun. 2022)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Jul 05, 2022 04:28 PM

New Collaborative Work Management Features (Webcast)
Come check out the new Collaborative Work Management features in Clarity 16.0.2. In a quick overview, we'll take a look at the to-do checklists and how they facilitate easy collaboration between non-It staff, who just want to get work done. Create and share basic business tasks, connect them as needed to strategic plans, and let teams focus on the real work.

Get Clarity: Collaborative Work Management (Video)
Most teams just want to get work done, without the hassle of setting up big plans. Clarity by Broadcom Software offers a solution: A set of Collaborative Work Management features that allow both business and IT users to create, share and automate to-do checklists with a few clicks. And unlike other software, Clarity allows you to connect these basic business tasks to strategic plans, giving executives better insight for decision making and teams more time for innovation.

Enterprise Staffing Advancements in Clarity 16.0.2 (Live Webcast)
July 28 at 1 pm ET
Journey with us on a deep dive into many exciting updates to the Staffing Workspace in Clarity, which now support the end-to-end Resource Planning use cases. We will also cover managing people and roles using the Resources workspace, as well as enhancements to the Investment Object which support increased visibility into staff-related data and metrics.

Q&A: Paper Maker Gets All its IT Business Data from Clarity
When you’re a leader in the paper and pulp industry, you want to be at the forefront of change. But you can’t do that unless the tools you use fully support your efforts, rather than creating a lot of work and distraction. We spoke to one IT leader who recently faced that challenge.

ValueOps VSM Virtual Summit — Next Level Unlocked
Listen to Emmy-nominated Comedian, Writer, Actor, Bowen Yang’s Broadcom's Value Stream Management summit keynote along with Chris Condo from Forrester as he shares his take on VSM. And don't miss the stories by Unum, Honda & Verizon about overcoming massive business challenges.