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Q&A: Telcos Automate Work with Clarity

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Jun 09, 2022 04:40 PM

Continuing our panel discussion with leading telecommunications companies, we wanted to explore how these businesses ensure their projects are ready to be delivered – that they have business and legal approval, that they’re appropriately scheduled and prioritized, etc. Here are some thoughts from the industry.

Q: What are the challenges you need to overcome to be successful?
A: For us, it’s been the absence of an automated or consistent approach to ensuring IT readiness for new project initiatives. We are never sure where projects are; we have initiatives that are years old that appear to have just been abandoned without being formally closed out, and delays are prevalent. Worse, we often have no visibility into what is going to be successful.

Q: How do you go about addressing those problems?
A: We decided to create a single ...

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