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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Nov. 2021)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted 10 days ago

What's New in Clarity 16.0? (Webcast)
Another awesome Clarity release is happening. This is the best one yet covering several enhancements such as: living status reports added to CIT’s, Ideas and Projects, Additional Business Rules. Configurable Widgets on both To Do’s & Hierarchy RIC’s, Roadmap Stickers and the ability to export a Roadmap Timeline to PDF! Wow! Come join Linda Chase as you learn about these enhancements.

What you need to know about VSM (Webcast)
Webcast with Forrester Guest Speaker: What You Need to Know About VSM
Dig into Value Stream Management with guest speaker Chris Condo of Forrester and host Marla Schimke of Broadcom Software, who’ll walk you through the concepts and benefits of VSM in a relaxed Q&A session.

Global Investment Firm Finds IT Clarity (Blog)
It’s difficult to deliver world-class support when your investment planning solution isn’t up to the task. That was the challenge faced by one global financial management firm, who shared their story with us.

Mastering the Art of Clarity Roadmaps (Webcast)
So, we hear you want to get started using roadmaps but are not sure where to start? Using roadmaps enables you to focus on business outcomes so that planning is visual, interactive & collaborative. And did I mention Fun and Easy? Yes, they are both. Join Walt Angus as he helps you get started on your roadmap journey.

Video Highlights of What's New in Clarity 16.0
Check out the new business agreements, roadmap export features and how to configure your own widgets in Clarity 16.0.