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Customer Newsletter: Clarity (September)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Sep 18, 2020 02:54 PM


Q&A About New Clarity UX
Dig into this rich archive of questions and answers about the new Clarity user experience. Based on real customer questions, the Q&A is curated by the Clarity Product Management team.

Clarity Modern UX: Adoption Best Practices (Live Webcast September 24 at 12 pm ET)
Adopting the Modern UX? Learn best practices from the experts at Broadcom – The Clarity Solution Engineering Team. Provide tools that work the way people do and you’ll get adoption and acceptance. Join this insightful webinar discussion.

Digital Product Management: Non-Project Teams
With projects, there was always a point where the project stopped and operations began – that handover is always tricky.

Clarity New UX Administration Key Features (Live Webcast October 22 at 12 pm ET)
The Clarity administration capabilities can create magic. Well, almost. Learn how to use blueprints, organize investment hierarchies, deploy custom objects and learn more about the new field-level security. Refresh on how easy it is to use Clarity in this short overview.