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Customer Newsletter: Clarity (May)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Jun 12, 2020 07:17 PM

Clarity Product Roadmap Sessions: See How We Invest in You
Sign up for the June 2 roadmap session with the Clarity product management team. Hear about the latest industry trends, how we plan to incorporate them into our work, and what's currently scheduled for release.

AI in PPM: Interview with the Last Project Manager
As artificial intelligence replaces a variety of business workers, we sat down with the last project manager to talk about the end of a (human) era, and how AI is making businesses more people-friendly.

Supporting Your Business Comeback with Clarity
Helping Broadcom customers get back to business with Clarity, Product Manager Brian Nathanson and Solutions Consultant Lisamarie Manso share their views on how to prepare for Day One of the post-Covid world in a series of blogs and webcasts.

Clarity Strategic Roadmapping
See how Clarity's strategic roadmaps eliminate organizational fatigue, cutting annual planning from weeks to hours. With drag-and-drop speed you craft new ideas with your team. Then add budgets, resources, and tasks as you go. Strategic planning combined with agile execution.

Digital Product Management 101: Adjusting Plans on the Fly
Take a look at how a product-centric approach to delivering value helps you make mid-flight adjustments without losing altitude.

Industry Leading Financial Capabilities with Clarity
Clarity’s financial and planning pages have been redesigned to mimic Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in both look and feel with powerful new capabilities within project cost plans and transactions. Track not only planned and actual costs but units and revenue as well. Get updated on how to best plan and actualize capitalization through transformation change.

Customer Validation Sprint - Clarity 15.8.1
We are fast approaching another Clarity release targeted for June 15. The customer validation sprint will take place one hour each day on June 19, 22 & 23. If you would like to participate, please email your contact information to for consideration.