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Digital Product Management 101 – Planning in uncertain times

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Apr 24, 2020 12:59 PM

Marla Schimke, head of product marketing for ValueOps, Broadcom's industry-leading Digital Business and Agile Management solution, recently wrote a blog on using Digital Product Management to better plan in uncertain times.

Nowhere is the impact of digital product management, or DPM, felt more than when it comes to planning. The very foundation of planning for most organizations is the selection of the projects, initiatives, and investments that will drive most business value. With DPM, the focus shifts away from projects to the management of digital assets for their entire duration. And as that focus shifts to a longer timeline, so too must planning adjust. Organizations must put greater focus on the concept of roadmaps. These represent the directional strategy for each digital product and form the basis of all planning for that product.

Roadmaps are developed to set the business’ vision and strategy. They are tools to help communicate with customers and convey directional growth to development teams. Roadmaps morph and evolve over time, as the product manager refines them in response to new opportunities and shifting customer demands. Read full post.