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Everything you need to know about DPM

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Feb 06, 2020 04:41 PM


What’s Digital Product Management anyway?

After only 14 percent of their business transformation attempts succeeded, many companies said they wanted to try something other than the usual project management tools. Listening to their needs, we created a digital product management solution to help them move beyond projects to products.

Instead of running a slew of unrelated one-off projects, you shift the focus to the digital products in your business. A digital product is something people like to use, like an airport check-in kiosk, HR benefits portal or online retail store. Underneath each digital product are underpinning assets – such as databases, applications and APIs – that you manage through maintenance and upgrades.

By funding products instead of sporadic work or whole departments, you immediately gain a few business advantages: 

  • Investments are organized the way your business runs.
  • People and money are mapped to clear business outcomes.
  • Work is prioritized based on value, not gut feelings.
  • Teams are empowered to plan and work freely.
  • The business acts confidently when competitors disrupt and customers demand.

Here are some new resources to get you started with digital product management: 

Digital Product Management Paper
Great overview paper by Kurt Steinle, head of products for Clarity at Broadcom. Get definitions, examples and tips about digital product management.

Project-to-Product Blog
Prolific blog by Brian Nathanson, product manager for Clarity at Broadcom. Takes you into every aspect of digital product management in quick reads about the modern product owner role, new innovation dilemmas and changing lifecycles.

DPM in Clarity Blog
Follow the five steps to digital product management as laid out by Marla Schimke, head of marketing for Business Management at Broadcom. Organize, map, prioritize, empower and act – it’s all quite simple.

Moving to Products Webcast
Learn how to effectively manage business outcomes by transitioning from traditional project management to product-based funding and delivery in this 45-minute webcast.

Digital Product Management Website
Deep site with information and material about digital product management.