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Customer Newsletter: Clarity (January)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Jan 27, 2020 04:38 PM


Webcast: Charts to Compliment Your Reporting Strategy
Find out how to jazz up your reports with the addition of real-time data charting in this February 20 webcast. Within Clarity Modern UX grids create your report data in a graphical format that enables your audience to visualize relationships between the data.

New 'How-To' Videos for Clarity 15.7.1
From setting up custom investment types and multi-dimensional funding hierarchies to leveraging the improved timesheets and third-party integrations, check out this series of how-to videos.

Blog: Digital Product Management - Organize the Way You Work
Learn how a switch from traditional project management to digital product management will help change how you create value for your business.

Webcast: New Investment Hierarchies
If you're working towards project-to-product, see the powerful capability in Clarity that allows you to organize, name and manage investment information the way you want.

Toronto User Group
The Clarity Toronto User Group will be held at Intact Financial Corporation on February 26. If you are interested in creating a Clarity user group in your local community please email