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AI in PPM: Let’s Get Real

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Jul 23, 2019 01:34 PM


Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of those buzzwords that seems to generate way more coverage than it deserves. Everyone talks about it, but how many people can actually do it? Well, when it comes to project and portfolio management (PPM) software providers, Gartner puts it fairly bluntly – “PPM technology providers will market AI as an integral part of their product strategies sooner than their products will actually be able to deliver truly valuable AI.”

Clarity PPM is different. We don’t want to sell you empty promises, we want to demonstrate how we are actually using technology to improve your business. Here’s an example.

Resource management is hard, you have to find the right people for every task, with the right skills and the right level of experience. And they need to be available when you need them, for the period of time that you need them. Today, Clarity PPM offers you world class, data-driven resource planning and allocation engines that help you identify the best way to use your resources. That allows you to deliver as much work as possible in the shortest time possible.

Is that AI, no, not yet. But here’s the thing. It’s industry leading functionality – it’s helping you improve the quality of resource management today. And it’s based on the complete, accurate and timely data that drives all of Clarity PPM. And that’s the platform we’re building our AI on top of. As Gartner notes “AI will have a significant and very positive impact on PPM leaders and the PPM technologies they use” – it’s coming, and it’s coming soon.

Wouldn’t you want your AI enabled PPM solution to be based on the best possible platform?