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What's So Special with Your PPM?

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Feb 14, 2019 05:39 PM


By Andy Jordan

PPM Pundit


If you’re reading this you're interested in PPM. You may have a solution already, or you may be looking to implement one. And every vendor will tell you theirs is different. But when you ask how it’s different you don’t get much – a different interface, a couple of workflow variations, but that’s about it.


Clarity PPM really is different.  Clarity defined project portfolio management (PPM) processes in the early 2000s and our competitors are still working to refine them.  We’ve moved on, recognizing that traditional PPM approaches in isolation don’t work anymore because of the way the world has evolved.


We view PPM not as a series of different functions, loosely tied together, but as a single integrated platform that makes it simple to get work done, usable in the real world to simplify that work and powerful enough to make business more effective.  We achieve that with a number of powerful elements.


Roadmaps bring executive driven top-down planning to the table to provide a results focused addition to traditional bottom-up planning.  Clarity PPM is accessible to all users, regardless of their background, allowing all business leaders to spin up projects in minutes.  Those projects can then be managed intuitively with task boards and scoreboards that allow relevant information to be shown in ways that work for each person.


Team collaboration eliminates the administrative overhead of long meetings, providing meaningful digital collaboration that allows for the sharing of information in ways that work for teams.  In addition, we free those team members to work whenever and wherever they want with integration of key functionality like time tracking with mobile devices.  We then power the entire platform with business intelligence and analytics to create a solution that truly supports innovative growth.


If you want a simple, usable, powerful solution that works with you to achieve success, you need Clarity PPM.