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Roadmap for the Roadmaps

By Alf Abuhajleh posted May 02, 2019 10:59 PM


Clarity PPM has innovative roadmap functionality – a way to map projects to the company's long-term strategy for digital transformation, new products, and sometime the organization itself. But as delivery windows get ever shorter, are roadmaps still relevant? 

“Yes, they are more relevant today than ever," said Linda Chase, a PPM product expert at Broadcom. "Organizations are realizing the traditional approach to investment planning - collecting and prioritizing demand, merging new work with in-flight projects and sorting arbitrarily - is not working.”

Chase advocates shifting to top-down planning – aligning the work that gets approved with the roadmaps for how products, services and the company need to grow. She points out that this approach avoids the organizational fatigue that comes from producing and reviewing hundreds of business cases, many for projects that have no hope of delivering or that have no alignment with the organization’s goals. This approach often results in everything being a number one priority.

Planning must be fast, easy and effective. It should be integrated across the whole organization, prioritizing the organization's long-term vision. It must also allow the organization to pivot instantly with minimal disruption – and that simply can’t happen without that top-down focus.

So how do organizations make that shift?  Well it’s not difficult:

  • Start with the high-level objectives – Chase calls them the “big rocks”
  • Involve key stakeholders to capture their strategies
  • Connect current work with the long-term vision
  • Place emphasis on growth and broaden the realm of possibilities

Of course you need accurate, timely and complete information to do that, and that’s where Clarity PPM with its roadmap functionality comes handy.

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