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Is Gamification Right for PPM?

By Alf Abuhajleh posted Mar 07, 2019 02:18 PM


Let's play.

If you could implement a simple solution to make 87 percent of employees feel more productive, 84 percent more engaged and 82 percent happier, would you do it? Of course you would, and that’s exactly what gamification delivers, according to a recent survey by TalentLMS.

That survey was by a software company in the learning-and-development industry, and those are two areas – software and learning – where gamification is seen as having a big impact. But gamification can be leveraged to improve many different aspects of all businesses, this blog has some great strategies to consider.

Teams are becoming ever more critical to organizational success today – more and more money is focused on transformation and change, as the speed of evolution for all industries continues to accelerate.

To deliver that change, there's a shift from projects to products, replacing scheduled periodic releases with an ongoing stream of functional enhancements.

That results in a shift to more permanent teams, where the need to build and maintain, cohesion, engagement and performance is more important than ever.

Gamification isn’t a solution to all of the challenges your teams face, but as part of an overall team development and engagement strategy it can be a tremendous asset.

The perception that it only works with millennials, or in certain corporate cultures is wrong. That same TalentLMS survey referenced above showed that 90 percent of employees over the age of 45 believed gamification would help them achieve better results.