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 VMUG Exam Discount Not Possible with Certmetrics/Vue?

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jfs9112 posted May 30, 2024 10:24 AM

I'm trying to schedule a proctured exam for my VCP but at checkout I'm not able to apply a discount code I received from my VMUG Advantage subscription (there is no box for it). I reached out to VMUG and they told me to reach out to Broadcom. Thanks for any assistance.

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Broadcom Employee Sharelle Patterson Best Answer

I just went through the process and have the box for entering vouchers. You must get all the way to the payment page. Underneath 'Estimated total' there is a drop down called 'Add voucher or promo code'. Selecting the down carrot will provide the box to input your code. You won't find it in the drop down for 'Payment Type'. Its higher up on the page under the cost breakdown

a red circle shows where to input your voucher/promo code on the Pearson web payment page