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All this in June? Six New No-Cost Web-Based Training Courses for Customers on Active Maintenance

  • 1.  All this in June? Six New No-Cost Web-Based Training Courses for Customers on Active Maintenance

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 24, 2022 11:59 AM
    The instructional designers have been heads-down so far in June and have a half-dozen new web-based training courses for you to check out!

    • Compliance Event Manager: Overview 100 - 06CEM10010 Get acquainted with CEM! This 20 minute course takes you through the product components, architecture, and navigation.

    • IDMS™: Creating Your First ADS/Online Application 200 - 06IDM20630 Learn how to create a map, a dialog, and an application in ADS/Online.

    • Mainframe Software Management and Maintenance Tips and Tricks 200 - 06SEC20090 This 30-minute course addresses some of our most frequently asked questions:
      • Where can I find a list of HIPER PTFs?
      • How do I determine what level of maintenance is deployed?
      • How do I know if all fixes have been applied?

    • Datacom™/DB: Datadictionary Key Concepts 200 - 06DCM20100 After completing this course, you'll understand the following key concepts of the Datacom/DB Datadictionary. You'll be able to:
      • Describe the relationship between the Datadictionary and the Datacom/DB MultiUser Facility (MUF)
      • Identify the structural components of a database
      • Describe Datadictionary content management using version and status
      • Name the methods for defining a database
      • Identify the Datacom Products and Facilities that use the Datadictionary

    • IDMS™: ADS/Online and the Integrated Data Dictionary 200 - 06IDM20640 This IDMS ADS/Online course will leave you with the following skills:
      • Invoke the IDD compiler to create data elements, record definitions and Dialog process modules
      • Use IDD to query the Data Dictionary
      • Use the IDD Menu Facility

    • View™: How User Modes and Selection Criteria Impact SYSOUT 200 - 06DLV20050 In just 15 minutes, students will learn how to:
      • Describe each user mode and the output each mode supports.
      • Change user modes (if authorized) and understand how your role relates to each user mode.
      • Describe the output location codes.
      • Generate a SYSOUT selection list and use selection codes.
      • Apply column filters to a SYSOUT selection list.
      • Manage the SYSOUT selection list using Selection List Commands

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