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No-Cost Class: ACF2 for z/OS Version 16.X: Foundations 200 | NA | September 12-15, 2022

  • 1.  No-Cost Class: ACF2 for z/OS Version 16.X: Foundations 200 | NA | September 12-15, 2022

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 07, 2022 12:39 PM
    We have seats available for our ACF2 for z/OS Version 16.X: Foundations 200, starting next week. Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals who are interested may register here: Training | Mainframe Software Instructor Led Product Training. This training is no-cost to customers who are active on Maintenance. Course details are below:

    Course Overview

    Course ID: 06ACF20091
    Region: North America
    Length: 32-Hours
    Dates: September 12-15, 2022
    Start Time 9:00 AM Local Time
    Instructor: Carla Flores

    ACF2 for z/OS provides innovative and comprehensive security for various business transaction environments that enable you to fully realize the reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness of the mainframe. This course will show you how ACF2 provides protection by default. You will also learn about the control databases and how they can be used to write, compile, decompile, and test ACF2 Access Rules for data sets. This course focuses on the concepts and features of ACF2 that provide default protection for your mainframe operating systems. The material covered in this course will be reinforced through case studies and hands-on lab exercises.

    This course will show you how:

    • Explain how general IT Security goals and procedures apply to the mainframe and how they increase security administration productivity
    • Identify how ACF2 is organized, its capabilities and design philosophy
    • Create and maintain LOGONID (LID) records, which identify each user on a system protected by ACF2
    • Identify the function and structure of the LID record, which is key to security administrators and account managers effectively leveraging their own privileges and managing the users within their scope
    • Secure critical data and assets by understanding how ACF2 processes dataset access rules
    • Secure resources to control system configuration and the processes necessary for system integrity
    For a detailed description of each course module, see the Course Description: ACF2 for z/OS Version 16.xL Foundations 200

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