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Community NVMe Driver for ESXi Documentation 

Dec 09, 2023 10:30 PM

Community NVMe Driver for ESXi


This Fling is a collection of ESXi Native Drivers which enables ESXi to recognize and consume various NVMe-based storage devices. These devices are not officially on the VMware HCL and have been developed to enable and support the VMware Community.


  • Wenchao Cui
  • Yibo Dong
  • William Lam


Nov 10, 2021 - v1.2
      md5: 693f692d10811c52e9261c18db4337a5

What's New:
  • Support for ESXi 7.0 or newer for Apple NVMe devices

July 12, 2021 - v1.1
      md5: bb7701bde7a2bcf2732f686cc997f330

What's New:
  • Support for ESXi 7.0 or newer
  • Support for 3 additional NVMe storage devices(please see the Requirements for more details)
Note: For customers that require support for Apple NVMe devices, the previous version of the Fling (v1.0), which is only supported with ESXi 6.7 is still required.
February 23, 2021 - v1.0 (Initial Release)
      md5: 826ed693a09d5745c496a7f42f793bd0


Non-Apple NVMe
  • VMware ESXi 7.0 (x86) or newer is required
  • Any NVMe storage devices with VID/PID listed below are supported
Vendor VendorID ProductID
Silicon Motion0x126f0x2262
Apple NVMeNote: For detailed ESXi version and build numbers, please refer to VMware KB 2143832 Known Issues:
  • The onboard Thunderbolt 3 ports does NOT function when using the Community NVMe driver and can cause ESXi to PSOD if activated.


Step 1 - Download the Offline Bundle zip file for the Community NVMe Driver for ESXi and upload to ESXi host using either SCP or Datastore Browser

Step 2 - Install the ESXi Offline Bundle by running the following command on ESXi Shell to install ESXi Offline Bundle:
esxcli software vib install -d /path/to/the offline bundle zip
Step 4 - Reboot the ESXi host for the change to go into effect. Once the host has rebooted, ESXi should now allow be able to claim and use the local NVMe SSD.

Note: For those that wish to incorporate the Community NVMe Driver for ESXi into a new ESXi Image Profile, you can use either the Image Builder UI in vCenter Server or Image Builder CLI with PowerCLI.

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Mar 13, 2024 05:11 AM


Jan 15, 2024 09:08 AM

hi, there is no link to download this. Where can I find it please?

Nvmd, I found them here flings.vmware.com directory listing (archive.org)

Dec 26, 2023 05:32 PM

Works great in ESXi 8.0.2 on consumer grade hardware in a home lab.  Hardware tested - HP ProDesk 600 G3 with a TEAMGROUP MP33 2TB NVMe P/N TM8FP6002T0C101.

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