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 USB Network Native Driver for ESXi ESXi80U3 repeatedly disconnects and reconnects

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Takumi Takahata posted Jun 27, 2024 01:13 AM

After upgrading to ESXi 8 Update 3 and USB Network Native Driver for ESXi ESXi80U3(75399077), the NIC started disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly every second.

The configuration used is as follows:

  • Host: NUC 13 Pro Kit NUC13ANHi7 + Intel LAN and USB Add-on Assembly Module NUCIOALUWS
  • USB NIC: AS-U2.5G2 (Chipset RTL8156B)

Since I am using only one USB NIC, I chose Option 1 from Persisting USB NIC Bindings.

Before the update, I was using ESXi 8 Update 2 and Driver ESXi80U2(67561870) and there were no problems.

To troubleshoot the issue, we have tried the following:

  • Physically removed the USB NIC from the NUC and reconnected it
  • Restarted the ESXi host and started it up from a shutdown

I also connected the USB NIC to a Windows environment and it worked without any issues.

The following log is output every second in the ESXi events in vSphere Client.
This situation has been output immediately after the update.

Physical NIC vusb0 linkstate is down.
Related events:
There are no related events.

Physical NIC vusb0 linkstate is up.
Related events:
There are no related events. 

There is no information in the changelog, but have there been any changes to the Chipset RTL8156B NIC?
Also, has anyone experienced the same symptoms?

I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there is a way to avoid this by changing the settings.


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