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 Nested ESXi not working with trunked VLANs for vmk interfaces

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ionut Nica posted Jun 17, 2024 11:04 AM

Hoping someone can help here:

I've tried to use 8.0u2c or 8.0U1 nested ESXi's and the network settings do not seem to work.

The Host ESXi  is 8.0u2 configured with trunked VLAN on the Portgroup I assigned for the nested ESXi.

The nested ESXi is configured with no vlan tag in it's DCUI interface.

I have tried 2 nested ESXi builds, and they both behave the same.


and the 8.0u2b


By comparison, the VSAN Witness Appliance 8.0u2 "VMware-VirtualSAN-Witness-8.0U2-22380479" - works flawlessly on the same portgroup, same physical host.

Hoping someone can help point out what it is that is appears to be broken with nested ESXi.