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Exception while creating a VPN Tunnel using vcloud SDK

  • 1.  Exception while creating a VPN Tunnel using vcloud SDK

    Posted Mar 18, 2013 05:17 AM


    I am trying to create a  VPN tunnel, between two routed organization networks which are backed by  two different gateways, using vCloud SDK (5.1).

    I have set all the values necessary to create a VPN tunnel which are as follows:

    gatewayTunnel.setDescription("new vpn config1");
    gatewayTunnel.setLocalIpAddress("<local ip>");
    gatewayTunnel.setPeerIpAddress("<peer ip>");

    Also the Subet values of both the gateways and endpoints are set.

    Problem: On executing the api, it generates a VCloudException saying that "IP address is null".

    I have tried to figure out which IP address it is pointing to but no luck.

    One  strange thing to notice is that, when I check the actual configuration  of the gateway on the UI by clicking on the "Configure Services" menu,

    the VPN tunnel is getting displayed in the NAT tab with the values that I've specified in the input.

    But obviously its status is not operational.

    One  more thing is that when i delete this particular tunnel configuration  and click on OK button, it shows a message saying "Parameter  'invocationSpecs' cannot be null or empty" and then deletes the VPN  tunnel.

    How shall I go ahead to create a VPN tunnel using vCloud SDK?