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  • It`s not possible to use a read-only user to do this. You can create a custom role with and add the following privilege VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager.Lifecycle Manager: Image Privileges.Read Also, if your esxi host is connected to a vcenter server, ...

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    Full URL to Deploy OVF Template file

    Hi All, This is my first post here and I'm brand new to VMWare. I am currently attempting to deploy a new Virtual Machine ...

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    Hi Experts, I wanted to run some powerCLI comments in vCenter that comment needs to fetch all the available ...

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    I cannot get cli to work expanding the esxi datastore to the full size of the host's array after adding ...

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    Hello According to https://developer.vmware.com/docs/17426/GUID-37D43B1E-F185-4B1F-B516-F335FF6AF30B.html ...

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    Estou com o seguinte erro na hora que vou fazer o backup no acronis: O VMware retornou o seguinte erro ao criar um instantâneo fechado: “Ocorreu um erro ao salvar o instantâneo: Falha ao desativar a máquina virtual. Ocorreu um erro ...

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    steal time calculation

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    Hi, it there a way to detect/estimate steal time in a virtual machine when stealtime.enabled is set to false in the vSphere/ESXi settings.