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    RE: USB Network Native Driver for ESXi ESXi80U3 repeatedly ...

    Hello, I'd like to confirm that the solution offered by William Lan and reported here by @durdin (debug version 1.14-2 of ...

  • durdin's profile image

    RE: USB Network Native Driver for ESXi ESXi80U3 repeatedly ...

    Hi, After a bit digging seems the great Willam Lam already had solution for couple of weeks in the discussion part of following ...

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    Summary Power Actions is a vSphere Client plug-in that provides an easy way to share PowerCLI scripts ...

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    Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility Summary Contributors Changelog Requirements ...

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    USB Network Native Driver for ESXi Summary Contributors Changelog Requirements ...

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  • Posted in: Flings

    I am interesting in getting involved in the Folding@Home fling. However, I do not see a clear instruction guide on how to set it up. I have an Intel -5-10400 (6-cores/12-threads) CPU, 12 GB RAM and Nvidia 1650 GTX Super (4 GB VRAM). I would like to know ...

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    This is just a simple guide I made for myself, stitching several other guides to get a complete solution. So the problem as far as I understand is that every time the Linux kernel gets updated in your installed distribution you need to rebuild these ...