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VMware Workstation (Player and Pro) Linux vmmon and vmnet install error

  • 1.  VMware Workstation (Player and Pro) Linux vmmon and vmnet install error

    Posted Apr 19, 2024 03:07 PM

    This is just a simple guide I made for myself, stitching several other guides to get a complete solution.

    So the problem as far as I understand is that every time the Linux kernel gets updated in your installed distribution you need to rebuild these modules so VMware works.

    Just as a reference but I believe this should work in any Linux distro, I am using Fedora 39 in a Thinkpad Z16 Gen 1.

    Also an important note, this guide assumes you already installed VMware Workstation once and it was working until and update/upgrade of the Kernel happened.

    Here is the guide hope you understand it.

    VMware every time the kernel changes you have to do this:

    # Get Root previleges
    sudo su

    # Download modules package. *.*.* VMware version, can check with vmplayer -v
    wget https://github.com/mkubecek/vmware-host-modules/archive/workstation-*.*.*.tar.gz

    # Extract package.
    tar -xzf workstation-*.*.*.tar.gz

    #Enter the directory compile and install
    cd vmware-host-modules-workstation-1*.*.*/
    make install

    # RESTART! very important, restart linux
    # And you are done

    # More info https://github.com/mkubecek/vmware-host-modules/tree/master
    # Hit master you will see all the versions, in the your version hit readme.