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 Workstation Pro 17

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Flight posted May 06, 2024 01:08 PM

HI, I don't know if this is the correct community as I can't actually find one for Workstation.

My issue is that I just moved from and AMD Ryzen system to an Intel i9 system. Both have 64GB ram. Windows Pro 11

The virtual machines or guests all reside on their own SSD which I also moved over.

However, the speed of the guests are at least 50% slower, some are almost unusable.

How can I fix that? I turned of memory isolation and disabled E-Cores (helped a tiny bit) but I can't seem to get decent performance out of the guests.

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Dieter Heinemann

Sorry, but I do not have an answer - but I have the same problem: I don't know how I can found Support / Help for my urgend Problem too:

I use the vmware workstation pro 17 for doing my job - it was doing fine all the time in the past (about 20 years?).

But now the vm does'nt start anymore - it stucks completely on "Waining for connection" since last week! Every search on Google point's at least to ... here. But on Broadcom there is no working support, no help ... simply nothing! What a mess!!!!! I'm not able to work anymore and will loose my job if nobody solve my Problem!!!!!

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You didn't mention it, but is this an NVMe SSD? Is it connected to a PCIe channel that is direct to CPU, and not through the chipset? AMD tends to have CPU direct PCIe channels on the motherboard, but many Intel motherboards use chipset PCIe channels for SSD's. Motherboard manual should allow you to confirm which you are connected to.

Also doublecheck that that the host windows driver is not the Microsoft default NVMe driver but the SSD maker specific one. There's a known write performance bug in the Microsoft generic NVMe driver that slows it down. Worst case, you can force the driver to use the Intel generic NVMe driver which should improve the write speed.

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I did find some information about this, running Workstation as Admin (Right click Run as Administrator) makes a huge difference in speed.

Not sure why that is, it it needed admin rights it would ask for them everytime it runs, so something funny going on there.