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 Windows 11 Guest BSOD w/ virtual disk on Storage Spaces drive

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Darren Gower posted Jun 12, 2024 09:02 AM

Hi folks,

I've an AMD 7800x3d based AM5 system hosting VMware Player, and most recently Workstation 17. The issue I describe below occurs in Player, and in my recent Workstation Pro install.

I've recently been playing with Windows Storage Spaces parity drives on this setup (yes, I've read of the many issues, and this is an experiment that I may well abandon). 

I've had consistently irregular BSODs within (Windows) guests when moving the virtual hard drives onto the Storage Spaces disk, which do not occur when those same instances are hosted on other fixed disks... I had read some vauge posts in reseach I've done that seem to point to (almost quote) "... irregularities in the interaction between Workstation and the Storage Spaces drivers..." but nothing specific, nor recent (these posts were years old).

I'm wondering - has anyone any advice (beyond abandoning my Storage Spaces experiment) that might lead me to understand more about what might be going on?

This is my first post here - and so if there is missing detail let me apologise in advance - and let me know what more I should include.

fwiw, the BSODs don't specifically occur at specific moments, but seem to be tied to heavy disk activity (during Windows updates... during a fresh Windows install during the initial file copies ... and the like).


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It's possible this is something Workstation related, but it's also likely that this is a Microsoft issue. Have you tried asking this in a Microsoft forum. Since it's Windows that's throwing the BSOD, they might be able to give you a better idea of what the code thrown by the BSOD means and what to look at. 

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Broadcom Employee Dhairya Tomar

@Darren GowerWhenever you see BSOD next time, request you to Suspend the VM, go to the VM directory, share the .vmem and .vmss files along with VM Support bundle.