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 What ABX action filters are available to not send email notifications for scenarios?

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evil242 posted Jun 06, 2024 05:58 PM

So following this blog vRA Ultimate Notifications I created my own notifications to trigger emails at specific points, such as machine provisioned.  Or with imported VMs, to provide early deployment info before the details are deleted. 

But, I have the issue that the ABX triggers for just about every event.  Is there a way to filter based on a deployment property.  So for example, a VM fails to deploy, and then the user deletes the failed deployment, an email is triggered that the delete was successful, where I just want the thing to go away.

Current filters I have are event.data.eventType == "DESTROY_DEPLOYMENT". But it would be nice to have a filter like previous deployment != "CREATE_FAILED"

Any ideas how to not trigger the ABX, or will this have to be inside the script logic where I fetch deployment information and can then exit from there? 

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I have tried this "vRA Ultimate Notifications"; but something wrong. It's not working, may be he missed posting step. 

Even tried to deep dive & search internet to find any alternative solutions to find / to provide deployment info. at each stage; but didn't work.

it's limitation from vRA 8.x itself. You have to develop something to record / track each stage / phase; as it's not available by default by vRA

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@tarek_nader: Under Extensibility > Activity > Action Runs, Do you see your ABX get triggered?  You need to have a Subscription for things like

deployment.request.post, Deployment completed, extensibility.abx 

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Yes, I did vRA subscription configuration; but didn't work with me